You are what you smoke.

The Robes Ethos

Robes is driven by three core values:

  • Quality brands backed
    by quality products.
  • Curated for the Connoisseur,
    By the Connoisseur.
  • Quality over Quantity.
About Our Brands

Cannabis R&D

Robes is at the forefront of a revolution in methodology that blends process and passion to ensure the best quality product time and time again.

Our craftsmanship preserves the history of our legacy strains while our industry relationships and partnerships allow us to introduce the highest quality products into the marketplace.

Our commitment to consistently deliver the same high quality product will drive us forward and be our guiding light.

For Investors

Robes’ dedication to excellence will be the rising tide that lifts all others in the premium cannabis market, elevating the standards of the whole industry