The Robes Team

Our team is an eclectic group of developers, entrepreneurs and artists who share the same passion: to deliver a premier cannabis product.

Our experience as successful investors and entrepreneurs, in the global cannabis supply chain, means we are thought leaders with deep industry experience and product knowledge. It also means that we have strong relationships across the whole Cannabis ecosystem. Our backgrounds extend beyond Cannabis, bringing a rich expertise in finance, operations and marketing, which will give us an edge in this emerging market.

Max Zavet

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Max Zavet is an entrepreneur and successfully started and continues to be adviser to Levy Zavet PC and Emblem Corp. After building a successful law practice, in 2012 Max Zavet begin exploring the Cannabis industry opportunity with the founder of Peace Naturals (Now Cronos Group). In 2014, Max founded Emblem Corp. and received a license to cultivate in 2015 followed up a sales license and a Cannabis oil license in 2016.

Emblem Corp. went public in 2016 and is today well positioned to become a leading medical and health wellness brand in the global Cannabis industry thanks to Max’s efforts. Max was also a founding investor and helped launch Fire and Flower, Canada’s cannabis shop, a leading cannabis retailer.

Through the years of being in the Cannabis industry and traveling the world seeing many different grow operations and flower products, Max Zavet is following his passion in creating a revolutionary cannabis company focused on sustainable organic living soil grow methods that produce the highest quality and environmentally sustainable indoor cannabis in the world.

Max is a well-known advisor, speaker, and thought leader in the cannabis industry. He has also been a successful investor in companies throughout the global cannabis supply chain, as well as many ancillary businesses.

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Lorne Greenberg


Lorne Greenberg is an entrepreneur and a third-generation real estate developer at Mastercraft and Starwood Group that was started in 1951 by his grandfather John Greenberg. Mastercraft and Starwood have developed, constructed, acquired, and managed over 10,000 homes, townhouses, condominiums, and hotels in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Dallas, and Naples with a market value over $2.5 billion.

Starwood’s principal business has been the acquisition, construction, development, ownership, operation, and management of residential, commercial, and retail properties. Lorne is also passionate about content creation and film production, with one of his films picked up by Lionsgate.

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